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Extend The Life Of Your Exterior Wood

"PetraWood is the perfect one-time treatment for your exterior wood."

The Perfect Solution For:

Cedar Shakes
Cedar Shingles
Fence Posts
Window Boxes
Planting Tubs
Snow Fences
Storage Sheds

Save Your Money & Save Your Back...

Roofs are probably the hardest part of your home to protect. They are exposed to direct sunlight, rain and snow. Exposed horizontal exterior wood really takes a beating from the elements. Most retail products you may find at the local hardware store will need to be reapplied annually. If you want to extend the life of your wood with a one-time treatment - Use PetraWood.

NonToxic, Odorless & Easy To Apply

PetraWood is a nontoxic, nonflammable, penetrating alkali activated silica aero gel, that seals, waterproofs, hardens and preserves most wood products. The catalyst in PetraWood reacts with both the acid and the alkali present in most wood, forming an internal seal and water barrier.


"PetraWood is not a wood 'finish' but a wood 'treatment'."

PetraWood is not a wood 'finish' but a wood 'treatment'. PetraWood will not permanently alter the color, texture, or any other physical characteristic of the natural wooden surface to which it is applied. It works internally with the wood leaving a bondable surface.

Key Advantages of PetraWood:

  • One-time application
  • Retards penetration of grease, oil and acids
  • Retards fungus, molding, rotting and warping
  • Retards deterioration by weathering
  • Permanently densifies and hardens most wooden products
  • Enables easier removal of snow and ice
  • Leaves a natural look to wood - no film or membrane on the surface

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