Easily Waterproof Your Poured Concrete Basement

Wet BasementConcrete Remedy is NonToxic & Odorless. Other products on the market advertised for basement waterproofing not only stink, but some are flammable and require extreme ventilation. Feel Safe - Use Concrete Remedy Deep Seal (DS).

You can literally save $1000s by using Concrete Remedy DS to waterproof your basement. Not only is this method inexpensive, but it is also easy to apply. Concrete Remedy DS is nontoxic & odorless.

"Concrete actually wicks moisture from as deep as 20' below the surface. What this means is that there is almost always moisture IN concrete. If it rains, or after you clean your kennels, the moisture is IN the concrete long after the surface dries."

Learn How Concrete Remedy

Deep Seal (DS) Works

Concrete Remedy DS does not fill visible cracks larger than about .75mm, but it will waterproof poured concrete slabs and walls. Concrete Remedy DS contains a proprietary catalyst which "pursues moisture" in concrete, and upon contact reacts with the "free" alkali (lime) and calcium hydroxides (already in concrete or masonry) to form a silica gel inside the concrete. This gel moves via capillary action deep into the slab. The gel dries hard like glass inside the concrete turning the entire depth penetrated into a solid mass.

This internal, permanent seal and water barrier also hardens and dust-proofs the surface while increasing the compressive and flexural strength.

For more information on Concrete Remedy DS click here: Concrete Remedy DS.

Surface Preparation

"Concrete Remedy DS needs to be able to get into the concrete for it to work. It must be able to come into contact with the alkali inside the concrete."

Concrete Remedy DS must penetrate into the concrete for it to work. Unpainted & untreated concrete require minimal preparation. The surface to be waterproofed must be cleaned of any coatings, sealers, paints, or contamination that will prevent the penetration of the waterproofing products.

Basement Waterproofing With Concrete Remedy DS

The surface to receive the Concrete Remedy DS needs to be clean and coatable. The Concrete Remedy DS shall be applied either with a low pressure spray system, brush or roller-- or you can pour it out and move it around with a mop, broom or squeegee..

Saturate walls until the substrate is darkened. The rate of application shall be based upon the porosity of the surface to be waterproofed. Normally concrete surfaces require approximately 150 square feet of coverage per gallon of product. Block and gunited surfaces normally require approximately 80 square feet of coverage per gallon of product. However, these rates of application are for the initial application only.

"Normally two applications of Concrete Remedy DS will stop a flow of water. In extreme cases additional applications may be required." Moisture test after application to determine if a second application is even necessary.

Please contact us for more information on basement waterproofing:

Concrete Remedy Internal Deep Seal works exceedingly well on poured concrete. Concrete block walls made of CINDERBLOCK present a completely different challenge. Because of their porosity and the number of cracks and joints, additional materials are generally required to moisture proof them. Contact me and I will help you with the specific details for your needs.


If you have questions or need more information, just , Mike or call me at 636-299-0601.

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