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At SolvingConcreteProblems, we are independent contractors who manufacture and use Concrete Remedy Products to prevent and solve all kinds of problems with concrete, in all types of settings. Things we do include concrete waterproofing, concrete sealing, making sure a concrete floor will accept and keep a coating or covering, and concrete repair on anything concrete. Solving concrete driveway and sidewalk problems in residential and commercial settings and warehouses, as well as basement waterproofing occupies our service business. And we sell the same concrete sealers we manufacture and use to do-it-yourselfers and contractors.

We want to share our successful experience with you in a way that really benefits YOU. We know how to solve all kinds of problems whether it is flooring, slabs, water treatment plants, skate parks, parking garages or warehouse floors.

Continually we research and explore all kinds of the many products available today for sealing concrete. As you know advertising claims are just that. With skepticism, we probe beyond advertising claims to assure ourselves about what is real. Our living and reputation depend on not being fooled or misled by advertising claims about concrete sealers.

Over the years, our research and use of the products in the Concrete Remedy line have proven time and time again that there is no substitute for proven, in the field results.

Contact us and we will help you step by step in preventing or solving any problem with your concrete.

Our approach is to help you accurately identify the cause of the problem. Next, to identify what outcome you want. And thirdly, give you expert help in eliminating or preventing the problem with a permanent solution.

After looking over our site, please contact me for personalized, specific assistance and advice. If I don't know the answer to your question, I'll find out for you. So take advantage of experience and willingness to do the legwork for you.

You will discover that my focus is on you, and helping you permanently solve your problems. Looking forward to being of service to you,


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1. Architects, Contractors Who Apply Coatings or Materials on Concrete:

Find Out to Radically Improve the Performance of Your Product of Choice with Substrate Stabilization.

2. Concrete Remedy Specifications

3. Concrete Remedy Technical Reports, Help for Specific Problems

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Due to the number of applications and amount of information, this site is divided into Four general categories:

Residential : Home owners Click Here!
Learn how to:
need for concrete sealer
  • Easily waterproof your basement
  • Protect your driveway, sidewalk and porch from freeze-thaw damage
  • Permanently treat your cedar shakes or wood shingles
  • Make your garage floor easy to clean and protect it from gas, oil and chemical spills

Agricultural : Farmers, Ranchers and Food Processors Click Here!
  • Prevent New Barn Syndrome
  • Stop mold, mildew & bacteria from growing in your concrete floors
  • Keep your barns & sheds cooler with 1 coat of paint
  • Eliminate moisture from your silo floors and reduce damaged grain

Commercial & Industrial: If you own a warehouse, factory or business, Click Here!
concrete sealer job
  • Seal your warehouse floor ONCE
  • Stop salt and ice-remover damage to your sidewalks, entrance ways and parking lots
  • Be Aware that new concrete will be ruined in the first winter if it is not protected before you use ice removers or get road salt on it.

Infrastructure: Easily extend the life of bridges, roads & sidewalks. Click Here!
  • Increase the life-span of bridge decks - shut down traffic for minutes rather than days to apply
  • Make snow & ice easier to remove
  • Extend the life of sidewalks
  • Quick and easy to apply

Concrete Remedy products are:
NonToxic - Non-Flammable - Odorless - Easy To Use - Environmentally Friendly

Top contractors, architects and engineers know the destructive results when masonry and cementitious surfaces are not properly treated and protected.

Yet, property owners and maintenance personnel often overlook or are not aware of this construction deficiency until the structures visibly appear to crumble and disintegrate. Experts agree, concrete should be properly cured and then the concrete sealed.

The penetration of rain, salts, oils, etc., along with freeze-thaw cycles entering the pores of the concrete are known to cause extensive damage. These pores act like tubes or canals that carry damaging substances below the surface (often through the entire structure), which creates major deterioration problems to concrete structures. Therefore, the job is not finished until Concrete Remedy is used.

Large scale applications for which Concrete Remedy is successfully used include: Airport runways, aqueducts and flumes, dams, power plants, tunnels, fish hatcheries, dairy and livestock areas, highways, bridge decking, parking lots and garages, skating rinks, sidewalks, industrial floors and plant applications, including caustic and acid use areas, areas where thermal shock is a problem, and literally everywhere concrete is present.

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