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Residential Applications

Solve Your Concrete And Wood Problems

If you are looking for a cost effective, environmentally friendly, easy to apply sealant for your concrete or wood, then you have found the right web site.

We have listed several common Residential Applications on the side bar in the left hand column. Click on the link to learn more about each application.

Concrete Remedy will help you:

  • Easily & Inexpensively Waterproof Your Poured Concrete Basement
  • Permanently Protect Your Driveway From Freeze Thaw Damage
  • Easily Extend The Life of Your Cedar Shake or Wood Shingle Roof
  • Protect Your Wooden Fence With One Application
  • Seal Your Patio and/or Pool Deck
  • Increase The Life Of Your Stucco or Paint Up To 300%
  • Make Your Dog Kennel Easier To Clean
  • Stop Efflorescence

Dear Grant,

I just had to tell you my experience using your concrete deep sealer. I live in Lake Havasu AZ where we don't get much rain, but when we do it comes down pretty good.

I had an efflorescence problem that you would not beleive. It was at the bottom of my garage door, 2 1/2" wide by the lenghth of the garage door. You could see the rock in the concrete and it was ugly as sin. You sold me the deep sealer and told me mix a little hardner in with the deep sealer and brush it in the entire damaged area. Then mix up some concrete patch and some more hardner and trowel the concrete patch in area and let it set.

Well, low and behold it worked. I have not had anymore efflorescence problem there since. Thank you for your honesty and super deep seal product. I have told lots of freinds about your site.

Best Regards, Kim McGaffey

Concrete Remedy Products Are:

  • NonToxic & Odorless
  • Easy To Apply
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effective Solutions
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