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Permanently Protect Your Concrete Driveway From Freeze Thaw Damage

Salt and Ice Removers Will Destroy Your Concrete

"The most common winter damage to concrete driveways is scaling, which is caused by cycles of freezing and thawing caused by the salt and/or ice removers."

Concrete DrivewayWater is absorbed into the very fine capillary spaces and hairline cracks in concrete, almost like a sponge. When water freezes, it expands by 9%. This expansion will cause small flakes of mortar and concrete to come loose from the surface.

There are many factors that will affect how resistant your concrete is to deterioration, for example, quality of the craftsmanship, weather conditions when it was poured, quality of the concrete itself, and the water content of the mix. Regardless of these factors, treating the concrete with Concrete Remedy DS will dramatically reduce the effects of the freeze thaw cycle by internally waterproofing the concrete.

This is why the manufacturers of deicers recommend to not use their products on concrete that is less than two years old and to wash off any excess deicer left on the concrete after the snow and ice have melted. (They say all of that in the small print at the bottom of the bag, which is nearly impossible to read after the plastic gets stretched.)

"Poor quality surfaces may not withstand the stress associated with the cycles of freezing and thawing that can be accelerated with ice melter use. Do not use ice removers on porous concrete or concrete less than 2 years old."

Ammonium-based ice-melting products like ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate are fertilizers. They are not recommended for use as ice melters, as they have been found to chemically attack and damage concrete.

Make Snow & Ice Easier To Remove From Your Driveway And Walkway Without Damaging Your Concrete

Snow and ice removal seems like a non-stop battle throughout the winter. Have you ever noticed how it's always easier to scoop your driveway as soon as snow has fallen? This is true because the longer it sits on the concrete the stronger the bond it makes with the moisture inside the concrete.

"Concrete Remedy makes snow and ice easier to remove."

Concrete Remedy makes snow and ice easier to remove. It does this by setting up a waterproof barrier inside the concrete. By keeping moisture out of the concrete, the snow and ice just lie on the surface and can be removed much easier. For best results use Concrete Remedy DS to internally seal the concrete and then seal the surface with Concrete Remedy Top Seal.

Driveways and sidewalks can be saved!

Concrete Remedy prevents spalling, scaling and hairline cracking by reducing the effects of the freeze-thaw cycle.

How Concrete Remedy Deep Seal (DS) Works

Concrete Remedy DS does not fill visible cracks larger than about .75mm, but it will permanently waterproof poured concrete slabs and walls. Concrete Remedy DS contains a proprietary catalyst which "pursues moisture" in concrete, and upon contact reacts with the "free" alkali (lime) and calcium hydroxides (already in concrete or masonry) to form a silica gel inside the concrete. This gel moves via capillary action deep into the slab. The gel dries hard like glass inside the concrete turning the entire depth penetrated into a solid mass.

This internal, permanent seal and water barrier also hardens and dust-proofs the surface while increasing the compressive strength.

The graphic below shows that there is NO SURFACE BUILD-UP of product which can peel or wear off. This is one of the reasons why Deep Seal is superior to the surface coating sealers typically available in stores.

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