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Concrete Remedy Deep Seal (DS)


Concrete Remedy DS (Deep Seal) is an alkali activated chemical penetrating concrete and masonry Stabilizer.

Concrete Remedy DS as a concrete sealant outlasts and outperforms typical sealers with which most people are familiar.

Concrete Remedy DS NEVER needs to be reapplied -- Do it once and you NEVER have to reapply the material.

Concrete Remedy DS is not a surface sealant, but, an internal concrete stabilizer -- Which stops the cause of problems at the source.

How Concrete Remedy Deep Seal (DS) Works

Concrete Remedy DS contains a proprietary catalyst which "pursues moisture" in concrete, and upon contact reacts with the "free" alkali (lime) and calcium hydroxides (already in concrete or masonry) to form a silica gel on the surface of voids and particulate, impregnating the entire depth penetrated. This gel hydrates into glass, turning the entire depth penetrated into a solid mass.

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More technically speaking, this is what happens when you apply Deep Seal and why it is a permanent treatment that improves concrete:

As the silicate solution penetrates the concrete surface, the soluble SiO2 species react with portlandite or calcium hydroxide, (Ca(OH)2) and/or Ca2+ in the pore solution to form calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H). CSH is the space filling glue phase created when the cement in concrete is hydrated with water.

Portlandite is an undesirable phase in concrete because it precipitates as platelets near aggregates. The result is a porous paste/aggregate interface that increases concrete permeability and reduces compressive strength.

Portlandite is also subject to acid attack and carbonation. Also known as Calcium hydroxide, traditionally called slaked lime or hydrated lime, it is a chemical compound with the chemical formula Ca(OH)2.

In contrast to portlandite, calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2, C-S-H is the desirable, space-filling glue phase.

Applying Deep Seal causes C-S-H to replace portlandite. The results are: decreased permeability, less susceptibility to acid attack and carbonation enhanced abrasion resistance (that is, dust-proofing), chemical resistance, and durability of the concrete surface

This internal, permanent seal and water barrier also hardens and dust-proofs the surface while increasing the compressive and flexural strength. For a more detailed, comprehensive explanation of the many unique benefits of using Concrete Remedy DS. Please refer to Technical Reports 1 through 10.

Concrete Remedy DS does not fill visible cracks larger than about .75mm, but it will waterproof poured concrete slabs and walls. Deep Seal does not create a film or build up of product on the surface. It is NOT a typical surface coating sealer. It can NEVER peel or wear off because it works internally, solving problems at the point of origin.


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Concrete Remedy DS does not just "cover up" the problem as typical 'sealers' do. Instead it works internally and solves the problem at the real source.

Concrete Remedy DS become an internal part of the concrete and NEVER needs to be reapplied...thus it is extremely cost beneficial...particularly compared to the majority of sealers which do need to be reapplied often.

  • Concrete Remedy DS is nontoxic and NO odor -- easy & safe to apply.
  • Concrete Remedy DS does not alter or affect the color or texture of the treated surface.
  • Concrete Remedy DS permanently waterproofs (holding a hydrostatic head) which retards penetration of grease, oils, and acids.
  • Concrete Remedy DS increases bonding of any top coating (including paint, mastics, etc.) by 300%.
  • Concrete Remedy DS retards pitting, dusting and rutting.
  • Concrete Remedy DS cures new concrete uniformly and resists hair checking and spot drying.
  • Concrete Remedy DS permanently densifies and hardens all concrete and masonry surfaces, greatly extending the life of treated surfaces by reducing or eliminating wear due to abrasion, freeze-thaw and salt attack.
  • Concrete Remedy DS enables easier removal of snow and ice.
  • Concrete Remedy DS may be painted over, and will accept concrete topping or mastics for floor tile, etc.


  • Uncountable applications -- Literally Everything Cementitious! Any substrate with Portland cement.
  • All Concrete should be stabilized with Concrete Remedy DS
  • Shotcrete
  • Stucco, Mortor
  • Above, below or on grade as a slab hardener, dustproofer, and/or waterproofing agent.
  • Every coating--rubberized, paint, polyurea, epoxy, surfaces sealers -- literally every product that can be applied to concrete will perform exceedingly better if the concrete has been stabilized and hardened with Concrete Remedy DS first.

Technical Details/Properties

Deep Seal is manufactured using pure deionized water to ensure that the proper chemical reactions occur in the concrete.

Dilutent.....................................Use as supplied
Freeze Temperature...................32'F
Freeze Harm.............................None
Boiling Point.............................230'F
Coverage per Gall
on..................150-200 sq. ft.
Shelf Life..................................Infinite
Solvent for Clean-up..................Water
Toxicity....................................None - Nontoxic
Fumes(during treatment)............None
Organic Properties....................Negligible
Environmental Hazards..............None

Do not allow Concrete Remedy DS to remain on glass! ETCHING OF THE GLASS WILL OCCUR. Clean Concrete Remedy DS off of glass immediately with water to prevent etching.

Concrete Remedy DS should never be applied if the surface temperature is below or going to drop below freezing within 6-8 hours after aplication.
Concrete Remedy DS is not intended to be applied over painted surfaces, nor is it intended to seal visible cracks larger than about .75 mm.
Concrete Remedy DS is best applied to damp or moist surfaces, although it will work as intended when applied to dry concrete..

Disclaimer and a Promise and Concrete Remedy believe this information to be true to the best of our knowledge. Our products are of the highest quality and uniform within manufacturing tolerances.

Since no direct control is exercised over product use, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the suitability of products for a particular use or as to the effect of such use, and no liability is assumed, directly or indirectly.

In the event products received were defective at point of manufacture, replacement will be made at no cost to purchaser.

Buyers and users are encouraged to conduct their own tests prior to application.

Please be assured that we will go the extra mile in helping you solve or prevent problems. We will provide thorough and detailed technical assistance and help you at every step of the way to guarantee that you get a permanent and cost beneficial solution.

We have the resources and availability to help you with on site evaluations and consultations. Or if you prefer to not use your resources for application, we are ready and able to complete all the work for you. In the event you want to do the actual work yourself, we can provide on site technical assistance and guidance if you want that level of assistance.

I will personally make sure you get what you need.

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