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Commercial & Industrial Applications

Stabilizing the Concrete With Concrete Remedy Deep Seal Before Applying Any Coating Will Always Improve the Performance of Whatever Coating You Apply Because One of the Main Causes of Coating Failure Is Taken Out of The Equation.

Safety a concern? Our products are nontoxic, and will not alter surface texture - great for keeping concrete floors nonskid.

Slowly but surely your valuable investment � your building � is disappearing..turning to dust, literally.
Save your investment, preserve it, prolong its life. Dusting is a major problem with concrete; we're here to remove this problem and the potential costs of replacing concrete. Concrete Remedy Internal Deep Seal (DS), a low maintenance penetrating sealer is known to extend the life of concrete, provide a non-slip surface, allow for low maintenance cleaning and curing of concrete, eliminate dusting and prepare concrete for adhesives.

Parking Garages
Common concerns with parking garages are concrete deterioration from freeze-thaw, salt damage, concrete dusting, and deterioration of rebar and tension cables/rods. Concrete Remedy will solve all of these problems.

Concrete Remedy is extremely easy to apply. You can spray it, brush it, roll it, squeegee it...

Grain Handling Industry
Concrete Remedy has been extensively used in this area in regards to fertilizer, chemical storage, seepage and boots, concrete bin bottoms, etc. all with excellent results. Concrete Remedy's unique and unequalled qualities make it a must for all in the Grain Handling Industry.

Sewage & Water Treatment Plants
Stop the corrosion of concrete due to H2S gas, seepage problems, and powdered chlorine. Concrete Remedy DS is nontoxic and water-based which makes it safe and easy to use.

Chemical Storage
Permanent Solutions are the best solutions. Concrete Remedy DS is a permanent waterproofing solution for concrete, which helps storage companies combat leakage control and long-term integrity of their concrete investment.

Concrete Remedy DS waterproofs your concrete internally by filling the microscopic voids and canals with CSH (calcium silicate hydrate).

We recommend Concrete Remedy DS as a necessary 1st step treatment for any concrete surface prior to painting.

Concrete Remedy DS not only prohibits water flow to the painted surface, but provides a surface that is stable from dust, alkali and salts, that easily enables paint to bond exceptionally well.

Because the concrete is properly prepared for the paint to adhere to, customers can expect an increase in the life of the paint, as much as 300% to 500%. Needless to say, maintenance costs can be greatly reduced.

The Log Home Industry
From the roof shingles to the logs themselves to the concrete, we provide you with solutions specific to the loghome industry. PetraWood is not a 'finish' for wood, but it is an internal protector. It will not alter the color of the wood, but will waterproof, harden, and protect it. PetraWood does leave a bondable surface which allows a 'finish' to be applied for cosmetic effect. It is perfect for shakes, cedar shingles, fences, decks etc.

the list goes on and on...


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