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Parking Lots & Garages

Common concerns with parking garages are concrete deterioration from freeze-thaw, salt damage, concrete dusting, and deterioration of rebar and tension cables/rods. Not to brag, but Concrete Remedy can solve all of these problems.

Safety a concern? Our products are nontoxic, and will not alter surface texture - great for keeping concrete floors nonskid.

Key Benefits

  • Extend the life of your parking lot or garage
  • Eliminate Freeze-Thaw Damage
  • Reduce Salt and Ice Remover Damage
  • Reduce concrete dusting and deterioration
  • Make snow and ice easier to remove
  • Easy to apply
  • Non-Toxic and Odorless

Concrete Remedy is extremely easy to apply. You can spray it, brush it, roll it, squeegee it...

Save your investment, preserve it, prolong it's life. Dusting is a major problem with concrete; we're here to remove this problem and the potential costs of replacing concrete.

Concrete Remedy DS waterproofs your concrete internally by filling the microscopic voids and canals.

Concrete Remedy, a low maintenance penetrant sealer, extends the life of concrete, provides a non-slip surface, allows for low maintenance cleaning and curing of concrete, eliminates dusting and prepares concrete for adhesives or paints/epoxies etc.

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