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Protect Your Skatepark - Permanently

"The most important thing about the concrete is that it cannot get too slick or too rough." - Concrete Remedy DS won't alter the surface of concrete making it the perfect concrete treatment for your skate park.

"Concrete Remedy DS is the ideal Concrete Treatment for your
Skate Park."

Key Benefits of Concrete Remedy DS:
  • Permanent One-Time Treatment
  • Increase Strength of New Concrete up to 10-15%, Old Concrete up to 30-50%
  • Perfect for Old or New Skate Parks
  • Reduce freeze-thaw damage
  • Increase the safety of your skate park
  • Does not alter the surface of the concrete
  • Non-Toxic & Odorless - Environmentally Friendly
  • Concrete Remedy DS retards pitting, dusting and rutting.
  • Concrete Remedy DS cures new concrete uniformly and resists hair checking and spot drying.
  • Concrete Remedy DS permanently densifies and hardens all concrete and masonry surfaces, greatly extending the life of treated surfaces by reducing or eliminating wear due to abrasion, freeze-thaw and salt attack.
  • Concrete Remedy DS enables easier removal of snow and ice.

Perfect For New or Old Skate Parks

Concrete Remedy DS is the perfect solution for both new and old skate parks. When used on new concrete it should be applied in place of a curing agent. Concrete Remedy DS, due to its chemical reaction forming a silica aero gel, aids in retaining the water in the concrete during the hydration/curing process, resulting in a higher quality concrete. It will help prevent hairline cracks during the curing process.

Concrete Remedy DS can be used on old concrete too. The surface of the concrete should be cleaned prior to application. Concrete Remedy DS will not work effectively if there has already been a waterproofing sealant applied to the concrete. Concrete Remedy DS must be able to soak into the concrete and come into contact with the alkali.

How Concrete Remedy DS Works

Concrete Remedy DS is not a surface sealant, but, an internal concrete sealant.

Concrete Remedy DS contains a proprietary catalyst which "pursues moisture" in concrete, and upon contact reacts with the "free" alkali (lime) and calcium hydroxides (already in concrete or masonry) to form a silica gel on the surface of voids and particulate, impregnating the entire depth penetrated. This gel hydrates into glass, turning the entire depth penetrated into a solid mass.

This internal, permanent seal and water barrier also hardens and dust-proofs the surface while increasing the compressive and flexural strength.

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