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Prevent Your Warehouse Floor From Dusting

"Slowly but surely your valuable investment � your building � is disappearing...turning to dust, literally."

Concrete Remedy is the ideal Concrete Treatment for your
Warehouse. The combination of Deep Seal and Top Seal does not change the apprearance or texture of the concrete surface. Provides and exceptionally cost effective solution for heavy traffic and severe conditions with virtually no maintenance.


Save $1000s and Your Crew Can Easily Do It!

Coatings such as paint and floor coverings are used in an attempt to alleviate or enhance the use of masonry. However, such coatings have proven completely ineffectual when excessive moisture and alkali contents are present.

Concrete dusting, (small particles of the surface broken free), is caused by any vehicular, foot, machinery and other traffic over the concrete surface. Dusting is a costly foe to efficiency due to damages it causes to machinery, merchandise, other equipment, and environmental health.

In extreme situations, dusting can be classed as wear due to abrasion (i.e. high traffic areas like bridge decks, garages, stairs, etc.) and the result can be costly premature replacement of the surface or structure.

Concrete Remedy DS's chemical reaction with the alkali and lime which causes the independent particles of concrete to solidify, harden and strengthen the concrete, along with its ability to stop the penetration or transmission of moisture, can permanently eliminate dusting and abrasion due to wear forever.

"Concrete Remedy DS and TS can eliminate the necessity of a floor covering and give a long lasting, cost effective solution done by your staff."

Save your investment, preserve it, prolong its life. Dusting is a major problem with concrete; we're here to remove this problem and the potential costs of replacing concrete. Concrete Remedy DS, a low maintenance penetrating sealer is the only product known to extend the life of concrete, provide a non-slip surface, allow for low maintenance cleaning and curing of concrete, eliminate dusting and prepares concrete for adhesives.

Key Benefits of Concrete Remedy DS:

  • Permanent One-Time Treatment
  • Increase Strength of New Concrete up to 10-15%, Old Concrete up to 30-50%
  • Reduce freeze-thaw damage
  • Waterproofs concrete - Prevents water damage to your products
  • Does not alter the surface of the concrete
  • NonToxic & Odorless - Environmentally Friendly
  • Concrete Remedy DS retards pitting, dusting and rutting
  • Concrete Remedy DS cures new concrete uniformly and resists hair checking and spot drying
  • Concrete Remedy DS permanently densifies and hardens all concrete and masonry surfaces, greatly extending the life of treated surfaces by reducing or eliminating wear due to abrasion, freeze-thaw and salt attack
  • Concrete Remedy DS enables easier removal of snow and ice

How Concrete Remedy DS Works

Concrete Remedy DS is not a surface sealant, but, an internal concrete sealant.

Concrete Remedy DS contains a proprietary catalyst which "pursues moisture" in concrete, and upon contact reacts with the "free" alkali (lime) and calcium hydroxides (already in concrete or masonry) to form a silica gel on the surface of voids and particulate, impregnating the entire depth penetrated. This gel hydrates into glass, turning the entire depth penetrated into a solid mass.

This internal, permanent seal and water barrier also hardens and dust-proofs the surface while increasing the compressive strength.

Deep Seal does not work until it gets 1-2 mm down into the concrete. So it leaves a bondable surface that will enhance the bond of all materials applied as coatings or adhesives. However, the least costly and easiest to maintain surface can be achieved by adding Concrete Remedy Top Seal. It penetrates and does not leave a film or surface coating. Very resistant to chemicals and heavy wear.

This combination is the least costly, easiest way to eliminate warehouse floor problems.

If you have needs beyond just having a dust free, moisture proof floor, we can help with those needs as well.

From surface repairs, to creating high reflectance, to extreme chemical resistance and severe use requirements, we have the solutions.

If you have need for high performance polymer coatings for repair, rehabilitation or protection, we can help you with that. We are certified, factory trained installers of Crown Polymers systems.

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