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Untreated Wood
Treated with PetraWood
Untreated Wood
PetraWood Treated Wood
Space between wood fibers leave wood subject to penetration and deterioration by moisture, oils, acids, etc. PetraWood creates a permanent, effective seal against moisture, acids, etc., while hardening and densifying the wood.

is a nontoxic, nonflammable, penetrating alkali activated silica aero gel. PetraWood seals, waterproofs, and hardens wood products.

The proprietary catalyst in PetraWood reacts with both the acids and the alkali present in most woods forming an internal seal and barrier against water and other causes of deterioration.

PetraWood will not permanently alter the color, texture, or any other physical characteristic of the natural wood to which it is applied.

PetraWood makes a prepared surface 300% more effective in the bonding of varnish, stains, paint and mastics.

PetraWood is effective on surfaces above and below grade.


  • One-time application
  • Helps wood retain natural color longer
  • Leaves clear, natural finish with no surface film
  • Retards penetration of grease, oils and acids
  • Petrifies the wood
  • Retards weather related deterioration
  • Enables easier ice and snow removal


  • Wooden Basements
  • Decks
  • Fence Posts, Rails and Slats
  • Siding and Shingles
  • Log Homes
  • Window Boxes, Frames and Sash
  • Wooden Planters

PetraWood is water based, as such it should never be applied if the surface temperature is low enough to freeze the material, (i.g., An air temperature below 40 degree F).


  1. Do not apply PetraWood to glass, glazed surfaces, or aluminum, as etching will occur. In case of accidental contact, rinse thoroughly and immediately with water.
  2. PetraWood is not meant to fill or seal visible cracks in wood.
  3. For surfaces not specified in our literature or if you are uncertain as to previous chemical treatments, (on the surface to which you are considering applying PetraWood), we recommend that PetraWood be applied to a small test area first.
  4. If PetraWood becomes frozen, thaw out completely and shake well to fully remix the material prior to using. Freezing will not harm the product.
  5. On very old weathered wood, or wood that has been restored, e.g., finishes stripped by chemicals, it is advisable to "prime" the wood before applying PetraWood. Contact us for complete details of the simple "priming" process.

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