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Make Your Kennel Floors Easier To Clean & Safer For Your Dogs

Stop Mold, Mildew & Bacteria From Growing

In Your Kennel Floor

The Kennel Kit has a proven track record of 26 years in kennels all around the world.


"Thanks to the Concrete Remedy Kennel Kit, my kennel is safer, cleaner and more comfortable!"

  • Reduce Embarassing Odors --You may have grown used to them, but your guests WILL notice!
  • Perfect For All Kennels --New Or Old Concrete-- Indoors or Outdoors.
  • Reduce Skin and Paw Irritations by Stabilizing The Caustic Nature Of New Concrete.

  • Save Time & Money by Speeding Up Your Cleaning Tasks.
  • Reduce the Dangers of Cross-Contamination in Boarding Situations -- Increase Your Customers' Confidence in the Safety of Your Kennels.
  • Protect Your Dogs' Health -- Eliminate the Breeding Ground 'Inside' Concrete Where Harmful Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria Grow.
  • Stop Dog Discomfort and Health Problems from Lying on Damp, Moist Concrete.
  • Extend Life of Your Exterior Kennel Floors by Stopping Freeze/Thaw Damage, Scaling and Pitting and Dusting.
  • A Nontoxic, Permanent, Odorless Solution --Guaranteed 100% Environmentally, Animal and Human Safe.

Protect Your Dogs Now. . .& Make Cleaning Your Kennels Quick & Easy

Did you know that the concrete floors of your dogs' kennels are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew? Concrete is a porous material and acts similarly to a sponge. When liquids are spilled on it, they will soak deep into the concrete. These damp pores in the concrete provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew. Now You can Solve this dangerous problem--once and forever!

Grant, July 6, 2008

This morning on his daily trek to the barn, my huband returned to the house telling me I�d better get to the kennel, �There�s water all over the place�. I opened the door and was met with two to three inches of standing water, and more water spewing from the pipe where the faucet was supposed to be. The faucet had blown off of the water line in the kennel from too much pressure. After shutting the water off, putting the dogs out, and dragging all the sopping wet blankets, rugs, and towels out the door, my husband and I began sweeping water out the main door. After an hour of sweeping, wet vacuuming and putting the fans back on, our floors were completely dry and were ready to put the dogs back on. I feel this is due to our using the Deep Seal and Top Seal products we purchased from you. Now�off to find a plumber.

Pam Adams Rineyville KY


From: John Mciltrot Thurs 14 Nov 2002

Hello Grant.

Yesterday I received your letter regarding my kennel kit purchase. Just thought I'd let you know that I couldn't be happier with the performance of your product--it's remarkable! I have four bird dogs in my kennel and even after a year and a half of use, the kennel is as clean as the day it was built. Thanks for such a terrific product, and if I ever have the opportunity to use it in the future, you can bet you'll hear from me. If you ever need a testimonial for a prospective customer, have 'em call me. All the best. John McIltrot 10271 Deer Run Rd. Ft. Myers, FL 33912

How to Prevent Dangerous Bacteria From Growing In Your Kennel

The Concrete Remedy Kennel Solution eliminates the breeding ground for bacteria in your kennel floor by preventing moisture from getting into your concrete. It will make your kennel safer for your dogs, easier to clean and reduce urine odors by preventing the urine from penetrating into the concrete.

Your Dogs Don't Like Lying on Cold, Damp Concrete Anymore Than You Do

Maybe you've never tried it. I mean lying on concrete. But your dogs spend hours doing just that. Even concrete that doesn't look wet is generally damp.

Concrete actually wicks moisture from as deep as 20' below the surface. What this means is that there is almost always moisture IN concrete. If it rains, or after you clean your kennels, the moisture is IN the concrete long after the surface dries.

Lying on continual dampness and cold can aggravate or contribute to aches and pains. When concrete is damp--even though it looks dry on the surface-- it doesn't warm up under your dog. Your dogs will be much more comfortable and avoid the dangers from damp concrete if their body heat warms up the area they are lying on. Since most dogs can't talk, we felt it was important to tell you this on their behalf.

Applying Concrete Remedy Deep Seal (DS) and Concrete Remedy Top Seal (TS) stops concrete from soaking up moisture from the ground and prevents it from holding moisture internally. By fixing your concrete so no moisture gets into it, from above OR below, your dogs will be much more comfortable.

Click to See How Deep Seal & Top Seal Work Together and how they look on floors.

Click here to download a PDF file with pictures and explanation of how the Kennel Kit works--Deep Seal & Top Seal

Kennel Owners Contact Me Often Because of Bad Problems with Peeling Paint and Coatings

The usual way folks address the problem of keeping kennels clean is through applying either toxic water proofers or paint. Paint ends up peeling. Then you are faced with having to strip the floors and start over again. This is real disruptive to your operation, not to mention costly, messy and time consuming. So save yourself a lot of trouble and expense, and do it the easy way.

The Kennel Kit is without question the most cost effective, easiest to do, longest lasting method to keep your floors and runs in top condition. You will NEVER run into the costly maintenance problems resulting from using surface coatings or paint that go hand in hand with the common way of protecting kennel floors.

Never Slip Due to a Slick, Wet, Surface Coated Floor Again.

Never Scrape off a Peeling Finish Again -- Guaranteed

That's right.

All surface coatings, whether paint, acrylic sealers or epoxies make floors extremely slippery and dangerous, especially when they are wet.

They also will all eventually peel, leaving you with a tremendous mess and a lot of expense to correct.

Your Kennel Kit Solution is Guaranteed to do away with those nasty and expensive problems. It is the perfect combination of ease of cleaning with lower slipperiness than typical floor coatings.

First, Top Seal is Guaranteed not to peel. Actually, it can't peel. Top Seal is a penetrating material, so there just is not anything there to peel.

Second, Concrete Remedy Top Seal is proven to reduce the slipperiness of floors, even when they are wet.

Kennels owners have proven it in their experience. Floors treated with the Kennel Kit are less slippery than any other floor they have ever tried.

Concrete Remedy is not a retail or mass marketed material. But now, you have the opportunity to buy and use a proven industrial grade material. You do not have to rely on the risky approach of just picking a mass marketed product off the shelf and hoping it will work.

The Kennel Kit is a totally different approach than is available "off the shelf" in your local hardware store or home store chain. There is no national ad campaign for this material.

Kennel Owners are now able to join that select group, and are reporting total satisfaction with their good luck at finding a proven solution for their needs. Make sure and read what they say by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Briefly, Here's What is Involved

First, the concrete is INTERNALLY strengthened and waterproofed with DS . Spalling, scaling and deterioration are prevented. The concrete will not deteriorate due to the freeze / thaw cycle. And this internal treatment is never has to be redone. Strong chemicals will not affect DS.

Concrete Remedy DS solidifies the concrete, increasing compressive strength by 25% after 30 days. "Internal" means that the top 1/16th inch does not have the material in it. That thin area is filled with the penetrating Top Seal

In the event you want to paint a floor or put a "surface build" material on the floor, then you would apply it right over the DS. The DS will increase the sticking performance of any coating by at least 300%. This highly important result is because DS stops the reaction of moisture and alkali in the floor. This process is a major cause of peeling coatings.

My suggestion for easiest maintenance is to apply Top Seal. That is the very best solution based on my years of experience in the concrete protection business. It is also how Kennel Owners believe after using the Kennel Kit.

However, if you want a painted look, then you would not use Top Seal.If you are going to paint the floor you absolutely need to use DS to maximize the coating performance and avoid the disaster of peeling paint. If you have questions about the pro's and con's, please get in touch with me.

For more information on how why this is a necessary material to use before painting a floor, click here to open a new page.

Second, the Top Seal is applied. It will soak completely in and lasts for many years. As it is a penetrating material, it will never peel or need to be removed before maintenance can be done. You can plan on at least five years before you would even think of adding any more of the Top Seal. Even under extreme industrial use and daily cleaning with harsh chemicals, Top Seal passes the test of time. If additional material is ever required, there is no preparation other than usual cleaning. No need to remove old material or peeling product. Simply add a little more Top Seal. But I guarantee you, it will be years and years until you will even need to consider it.

Neither the DS nor the Top Seal change the appearance of the concrete. Floors do not end up being real slick like they do with paint or surface coatings.

Something else you should know before ordering:

Concrete Remedy

Doesn't STINK!

Concrete Remedy DS & Concrete Remedy TS are Nontoxic, Odorless & Environmentally Safe. This means you don't have to worry about noxious fumes or material harming you or your dogs. In fact, you can do one stall at a time without closing down your kennel.

How Is the Kennel Kit Applied?

The Concrete Remedy Kennel Solution is a simple three step process to completely take care of the concrete floors and runs of your kennel. Complete, easy to follow instructions are sent with each order. Plus you can email or call me at any time for help.

Use the Kennel Kit on all concrete, Inside and Outside.

How easy is it? A fellow kennel owner tells you: "I also was impressed with how easy it was to treat the concrete floor. I am in my late 20's, don't really like to do construction type work but to my surprise, I treated every inch of the concrete by myself. The directions were detailed and it was so easy to apply."

Another satisfied kennel owner concludes: "If I can do it, anybody can!"

Step 1: Clean It

The first step is to thoroughly clean and disinfect the concrete. This can be done with a garden hose and your choice of cleaner and disinfectant. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the concrete. You don't need to wait for the concrete to dry before moving on to Step 2.

Concrete Remedy DS is a deep penetrating sealant and has to be able to soak into the concrete floor of your kennel.

*** It is important to test your kennel floor to ensure that the Concrete Remedy Kennel Solution will work to its full potential.

To test, simply splash a little water on it to see if it soaks in. If it does, then Concrete Remedy DS will too and you can take advantage of all of its benefits. If previous waterproofers or paint prevent the penetration of DS, the old material must be removed prior to applying DS. Please contact me for detailed help in removing old failed finishes/sealers.

Step 2: Deep Seal It with DS

Now it's time to stabilize the concrete and fill the internal microscopic pores of the concrete with Concrete Remedy DS. It can be brushed, rolled, sprayed or even poured on. Concrete Remedy DS is permanent, so you'll never have to apply another coat to the slab. When it comes into contact with the alkali in the concrete it forms an aero gel that moves deep into the concrete via capillary action. When this gel dries, it sets up hard like glass inside the concrete.

Click here to open a new page containing a lot of info about DS

Click here to open a new page technical reports that explain HOW and WHY DS works in various different applications.

Step 3: Top Seal It

The last step to eliminating the dangers in your dog's kennel floor! Be sure to wait till the concrete is thoroughly dry (let it dry at least 24 hours, or longer in humid climates).

Now it's time to seal the surface layer of the concrete with Concrete Remedy Top Seal (TS). You apply it the same way you applied the Concrete Remedy DS. Once it's dry, your dog will be protected from bacteria, mold and mildew growth and his home will be much easier to keep clean.

Concrete Remedy DS (Step 2) is best applied to damp concrete.

Concrete Remedy TS (Step 3) MUST be applied on DRY concrete.

Click here to open a new page containing specific info about Top Seal

Step 4: Go Enjoy Yourself with the time and money you are saving by using the Kennel Kit.

Order The Concrete Remedy Kennel Solution With Our Easy Secure Online Ordering Service

You Don't Have to Take My Word for It, Read What Other Kennel Owners Say AFTER They Tried It

Read What These Kennel Owners Have to Say:

Hi Grant: I've had my kennel cement in for four months now, I put the system on right after it was cured, and I love it! I don't have any cracks, even hair line ones, and it is so easy to rinse off! There is also no smell in my kennel, which is a blessing!

I struggled a little bit getting the second product on because it kept raining, and I was trying to keep ahead of my framing crew, but otherwise no problems! I put the products into one of those two gallon pressure sprayer things, and just went to town with it - worked great!

If I can do it, anybody can! Take care,

Christina Rupp-Anderson, Cricket Hollow Labrador Retrievers Galva, Illinois

P.S. Of course you can quote me, I love your stuff, and will be buying again when we start our expansion - we need more boarding space!!

( Note from Grant: Notice that people don't just say they "like" it, they say they "love" it. And you will too. )

Happy to reply. It has performed wonderfully in the kennel. I love it � thanks for producing a great product.

Mark N. Tuttle, Marion, Utah

"I would like to express my complete satisfaction with the product that your company applied to my dog kennel. ... I have had no problems with cleaning the kennel, in fact, it appears to clean up much easier than previous kennels that I have had. In the past I've had quite a problem with bird droppings. Now when I hose the concrete down every few days, it appears to be much easier to remove the droppings." -Dana Navarre -Lander, WY

From: Lori Peterson CormorantKennels@aol.com15 Nov 2002

Hi Grant. You asked what I thought about your product: I am very pleased with your product. In my brochures, I state that I treated the kennel floors with your product and I think people are really impressed. I don't know of any other kennel in the area that has treated their floors. I also was impressed with how easy it was to treat the concrete floor. I am in my late 20's, don't really like to do construction type work but to my surprise, I treated every inch of the concrete by myself. The directions were detailed and it was so easy to apply. I thank you also for helping me figure how much I needed. I think by the time I was finished treating the interior of the kennel (which is 1800 sq. ft) I had very little left over. You were very good about knowing your product and how much I would need which in the end helped in cost. Thank you Grant for being so personable, knowing your product and for taking the time to call me to see how it all worked out. I wish you and your company much success. If you would like to use me for a reference or anything, you may give them my e-mail address. Thank you, Lori Peterson

These are just a few of the folks who responded to my follow up contact to make sure they were happy with their results.

And from homeowners with personal kennel areas

Hi Grant - thanks for the product again. I've applied it to my new kennels and it is working very nicely. I actually was able to cover the kennels using about half of the recommended amount of top seal and deep seal. My contractor used what he called "sidewalk quality" concrete. It is pretty smooth and not very porous, so I didn't need much to get very good coverage. I had your product on my prior concrete kennel for two years and it made clean up very easy. There was no build up of odors, no discoloration and the kennel dried quickly after washing or a rainshower. It convinced me to use it again on my second kennel at my new home and again I am very pleased with it. I would recommend it to anyone building a concrete pad kennel! --W. Coleman, Vermont

and again......

Dear Grant,

We just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your Deep Seal and Top Seal products are wonderful.

We used both products to seal our dog run, and we have had complete success as far as keeping the run clean.

Best of all, there is no smell of urine in the dog run.

Many of our neighbors have dog runs that smell of urine, and we really wanted to avoid that when we had our dog run installed.

Your products worked GREAT. We have recommended them to many of our friends with dogs!

Thanks so much!  Deborah Bigbee

The Kennel Kit

Please Allow two weeks +/- to receive product. Call if you need it sooner.

NOTE: The Kennel Kit is made up of equal amounts of Concrete Remedy Deep Seal and Concrete Remedy Top Seal.

You can either order the KITS or scroll to the bottom and you can buy as many single gallons or five gallon pails of Deep Seal and/or Top Seal.

Reminder about what products to order

Order Kennel Kits if you are planning on having the easiest floors and runs to take care of, with the lowest maintenance effort. The Kennel Kit is made up of equal amounts of Deep Seal and Top Seal. These will NOT change the appearance of concrete.

If you going to change the cosmetic appearance of the concrete by putting on a surface coating, paint, sealer, adhesive or any type of product that you want to stick to and bond with the concrete then DO NOT use Top Seal. NOTHING will bond to a surface treated with Top Seal.

Order just Deep Seal if you are going to change the natural color of the concrete by painting or applying a floor covering or adhesive or cementitious overlay. Deep Seal will stabilize the concrete, stop the reaction of moisture and alkali. This result will increase the bonding and performance life of any type of surface coating that is applied on top of the Deep Seal treated concrete--as it eliminates the major cause of coating/floor covering failure.

Note before ordering...Returns are accepted for unopend product, with prior approval. There is a restocking charge of up to 13%. Shipping costs are not refunded. Customer is responsible for return shipping. Or if you call, we can work out ways for you to avoid return shipping.

Will do about 10 sq ft
  • 1- 8 oz bottle of Deep Seal
  • 1- 8 oz. bottle of Top Seal
  • Use for testing by themselves or in conjunction with other systems or products, e.g. with acid staining.
< All for only: $24.99

Includes Priority Mail USPS


For Kennels up to
150 square feet
  • 1 Gallon of Concrete Remedy Deep Seal @ $49.99/gallon
  • 1 Gallon of Concrete Remedy Top Seal @ $51.99/gallon
  • Thorough instructions
All for only: $101.98

Less than $.68 per square foot for a trouble free floor.

For Kennels up to
750 square feet
  • 5 Gallons of Concrete Remedy Deep Seal @ $44.99/gallon
  • 5 Gallons of Concrete Remedy Top Seal @ $46.99/gallon
  • Thorough instructions
All for only: $459.90

Less than $.61 per square foot for a trouble free floor.

For Kennels up to
1500 square feet
  • 10 Gallons of Concrete Remedy Deep Penetrating Sealer @ $44.99/gallon
  • 10 Gallons of Concrete Remedy Top Seal @ $46.99/gallon
  • Thorough instructions

All for only: $919.80

Less than $.61 per square foot for a trouble free floor.

For Kennels up to
3000 square feet
  • 20 Gallons of Concrete Remedy Deep Penetrating Sealer @ $44.99/gallon
  • 20 Gallons of Concrete Remedy Top Seal @ $46.99/gallon
  • Thorough instructions
All for only: $1839.60

Less than $.61 per square foot for a trouble free floor.


Concrete Remedy Deep Seal
1 Gallon
5 Gallon


Concrete Remedy Top Seal
1 Gallon
5 Gallon

The Kennel Kit is also great for NEW KENNELS. Architects and planners can deliver a better finished product by specifiying Concrete Remedy Kennel Kit for every new Kennel.

Make Sure YOU Start Off Right and You Can Avoid All the Nasty Problems That So Many Kennel Owners Fight

Using Concrete Remedy will give you exceedingly better concrete, with no cracks or bad surface areas, and it will be stronger and PERMANENTLY able to resist moisture, and freeze - thaw damage, easier to keep safe and clean -- and no ODOR problems.

If you still have questions, please email or call, and I will help you.


Please contact us for more information:


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