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concrete stain

Complete information about all HDIP, Inc Products can be found on the manufacturer's web site.


Stains and Dye

(no binders or resins in colorants so they totally penetrate)

Color representations on computers and in print are not particularly

accurate, so you may want to compare the colors as shown here with the

colors on the HDIP, Inc. web site...for Dye and Stain.

ENDURable Concrete Stain is a semi-transparent penetrating stain. Our new technology has made this the smallest particle size available in a concrete stain and rivals dyes for depth of penetration. UV protection makes this an excellent stain for exterior applications as well as interior applications. It is quick and easy to apply and is ready to be sealed in a short period of time.

ENDURable Concrete Dye is a specially formulated dye for concrete. It is an excellent choice for coloring concrete in conjunction with polishing. It is very versatile and may be mixed in water, acetone, or denatured alcohol. This dye requires no wait period and may be used immediately after mixing into the carrying agent. It has much better lightfastness ratings than most dyes, but is still recommended for interior use only.

The colors shown below are also available in Endurable Stain.

Custom colors can be made matched to a paint fan deck. Just provide the number, e.g., from Sherwin Williams fan deck and we can match the color.

Compare colors on this page with Color samples at HDIP, Inc


ENDURable Stain Colors




ENDURable Dye Colors




ENDURable Stain Colors


Canary Canary Amber Amber Rust Rust
Citron Citron Cabernet Cabernet Saddlehorn Saddlehorn
Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Camel Camel Sonora Sonora
Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate Canary Canary  
Moss Moss Caramel Caramel  
Mustang Mustang Caribbean Caribbean   Fully Purple matches Sherwin Wms # 6983 a bright purple
Obsidian Obsidian Citron Citron  
Orange Crush Orange Crush Concord Concord  
Orchid Orchid Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate

Pacific Pacific Dark Walnut Dark Walnut
Padre Padre Deep Sea Deep Sea
Rage Rage Evergreen Evergreen
Sand Sand Midnight Midnight
Storm Cloud Storm Cloud Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate
Topaz Topaz Rage Rage


Sealers and Finish

ENDURABLE SEALER is a 2 component waterborne polyurethane sealer that is easy to apply, extremely durable, and long-lasting. It has no VOC content and is very low odor. It is heavy duty and can be used in areas handling forklift traffic. It is 100% UV Stable. It is anti-graffiti, safe for countertops, has no hot-tire pick-up, and is highly resistant to aggressive contaminants.

ENDURABLE POLISHED CONCRETE SEALER is a low VOC, 6 grams per liter, environmentally safe industrial grade sealer for concrete. This product will harden concrete and can be burnished or polished to a high gloss finish while maintaining excellent slip resistance. This product is quick to dry and cure, provides water and setain resistance, low maintenance--requiring no scrubbing or rinsing. It is non-dusting, non-marking, easy to clean, with high coverage rates between 1000 and 2000 square feet per gallon. It is resistant to water blushing. The product comes in concentrated form and should be diluted 3 parts water to 1 part product.

ENDURABLE SEALER F1 This 1 component water-based sealer is fast drying, has good durability, and has good chemical resistance. It may be used as a cure and seal and is an excellent replacement for solvent based acrylics.

ENDURABLE FLOOR FINISH is a low VOC, environmentally safe waterborne finish wax for all concrete and cementitious toppings. It provides an exceptionally durable, lustrous shine and resists scuffs and heel marks while providing slip resistance. Maintenance coats may be applied every six to twelve months to rejuvenate the lustrous finish.


How to Order

The best way to order products is to

Call 636-299-0601

You will get personal service and your order will ship right away.

Any questions you have about the products, including application, will be handled by an experienced applicator.

You can also email your order by clicking here:

Before Ordering

Measure the square footage you need to cover so you will know how much product you need.

A couple of Tips

The color representations on this page are subject to the standard Internet disclaimers about accurate color rendering.

You should do testing before starting the you'll know exactly how it will look on YOUR substrate. A little "practice" and testing will help avoid mistakes.

It is also a good idea to test your spray equipment before applying stain, dye or sealers to make sure you can apply materials at the high coverage rates. Fill your sprayer with one gallon of water and "practice" to see how many square feet per gallon you can cover.

If you have questions or need more information, just , Mike or call me at 636-299-0601. .

These products have been developed for ease of use and versatility. There are many different ways you can use the products to achieve an infinite variety of "looks", from very simple to incredibly exotic..

Most of all, you are encouraged to take advantage of our helpful technical and practical assistance so that your final result is what you deserve.

You will find instructional videos, product data sheets, MSDS sheets, coverage rates and other helpful information on the HDIP, Inc Web Site

How to Pick Colors

Testing of colors is always preferred because concrete varies so much. You can buy sample amounts of stain and dye to try colors out. $8.50 / 8 oz pre-mixed in water plus shipping

Any printed picture, online picture or sample of stains and dyes done on anything other than your exact piece of concrete may look different than it will when you use it.

This is true of all colorants or products that are translucent...because the underlying substrate will show through. The texture, absorbency and exact nature of the substrate will help determine how it looks.

For that reason, test or sample areas should always be done on the exact surface.

These stains and dyes are totally penetrating, so to bring out the full color, a sealer must be applied over the stain or dye in order to see what the completed result will look like.

When the stain or dye is put on bare concrete the colors achieved are muted. Ask for instructions about how to do sample areas so you will know how the stains/dyes will look after sealed. Doing this will avoid over application of stain.


Coverage rates depend on how you apply the products in combination with the porosity and profile of the substrate.




Average Coverage Rates Sq ft / Per Container

Typical # Applications Ship Wts
ENDURable Concrete Stain 1 gal Conc.
400 to 600

Ask for help in figuring total stain or dye needed to achieve desired "look".

There are almost infinite ways to use the stains and dye to achieve whatever looks you can imagine.

We can help you figure out how much of various colors you would need for different outcomes, e.g., mottled looks using multiple colors.

< 1/2 lb $46.50
ENDURable Concrete Stain 5 gal Conc.
2000 to 3000
1 lb $221.50

ENDURable Concrete Stain 8 oz Sample Prediluted in water, ready to use

25 to 35

ENDURable Concrete Dye 1 gal Conc. Prediluted in water, ready to use
400 to 600
< 1/2 lb $46.50
ENDURable Concrete Dye 5 gal Conc.
2000 to 3000
1 lb $221.50
ENDURable Concrete Dye 8 oz Sample
25 to 35
ENDURable F1 Sealer 2 gal Concentrate

600-1200 per coat, typically 2 coats

9 lbs $76.50
ENDURable F1 Sealer Sample

8 oz Ready to use


Wood Stain 1 gal Conc.
< 1/2 lb $46.50
Wood Stain 5 gal Conc.
2500 to 3500
1 lb $221.50
ENDURable Sealer 1 gal Conc.
typically do 2 coats 4 lbs $72.50
ENDURable Sealer 9 gal Conc. (Two 4.5 gal
2,700 to 4,500
typically do 2 coats 26 lbs $611.50
ENDURable Sealer 12 0z. Sample
w/ do 2 coats on 15 to 20 sq ft
ENDURable Polished Concrete Sealer 1 gal. Conc.
typically do 2 coats 3 lbs $77.50
ENDURable Polished Concrete Sealer 4 gal. Conc.
typically do 2 coats 9 lbs $305.50
ENDURable Polished Concrete Sealer 8 oz Sample
w/ do 2 coats on 30 to 50 sq ft Ready to Use
ENDURable Floor Finish 1 gal. Concentrate Makes 1 gallon
typically do 2 coats,but can use up to 4-5 coats to create more gloss. 4.5 lbs $33.50
ENDURable Floor Finish 8 0z. Sample RTU
w/ do 2 coats on 45 to 60 sq ft Ready to Use
typically 2 coats, $10.00



Returns are accepted for unopend product, with prior approval. There is a restocking charge of up to 13%. Shipping costs are not refunded. Customer is responsible for return shipping. Or if you call, we can work out ways for you to avoid return shipping.


For orders, information or assistance with planning your project,

please call 636-299-0601 to speak with Mike

Please contact us for more information:


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