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DIY Decorative Concrete

We can help you do decorative stained concrete, inside or outside, on floors, driveways, patios, walls, landscaping walls...and get results that will exceed professionally done jobs. At a price point that will amaze you...about $.50 to $.60 per square foot.

This is not a rushed to market system with an unknown track record. Be very careful of decorative systems as they are appearing rapidly on the market without long term in the field use supporting their durability.

This system has been down for 7 years on exterior horizontal concrete in very extreme four season an area that gets over 300 sun days per year..with virtually no fading.

It has a very long track record in residential and commercial settings. It is extremely easy to use and the only system out there which you can correct and adjust after it is done.

Click on the logo below to see what you can do with it. This will take you to the manufacturer website. They only sell through distributors so contact us for pricing.

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Make sure you see the short instructional videos which will show you how amazingly easy it is for you to do your own decorative concrete. Just cursor over the left hand navigation items on the GG web site and a pop up menu will show indicating "Instructional Videos" for each of the products listed.

Transform your garage, basement, living room, sidewalks, patios, driveway and even walls and retaining wall. Revitalize pavers or faded decorative concrete... this system will allow you to do an incredible array of decorative concrete DIY projects with full support from Solving Concrete Problems.

Some examples: Try these at home! Or on the job. A simple versatile stain system that you can use on any concrete...indoors, outdoors, garages, patios, living room, walls, countertops, you name it.


There is nothing on the market like the Stain and Seal systems from GG Innovative Products. You can accomplish extraordinary effects and at a price of about 50 cents per square foot.

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