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Prevent New Barn Syndrome

Permanently Treat Your Exterior Wood

Prevent "New Barn Syndrome"

Everyone knows that making a living in the hog industry is becoming increasingly difficult.

Profitability in the Hog Industry is very difficult these days. Because of the current economics of raising hogs, it is critically important to reduce losses and maximize profits.

Concrete Remedy provides a cost effective, easy way to improve efficiency and reduce cleaning costs...saving time and money .....and more importantly, you can reduce the hazards resulting from the negative influence on your herd from untreated concrete.

Historically, veterinarians have described new barn syndrome as affecting the sows, growers and finishers. In sows, hip, ankle and hoof problems have been noted as being caused by the caustic nature of new concrete,causing a skin reaction on the bottom of the foot pads. Small cracks in the pad occurs allowing bacteria to enter into the animal's body causing joint infection in the knees, ankles and hips. With this lameness, producers suffer losses in terms of increased sow culling rate, breeding problems and other management difficulties.

In Growing and finishing hogs, "New Barn Syndrome" has been reported to cause these same problems as well as tail biting, ear biting and lameness.

Nontoxic Concrete Remedy can help prevent bacteria buildup in the pores of the concrete, thus preventing lameness problems by sealing off the caustic chemical from coming into contact with the foot pad skin.

Are you tired of the public outcry against hog operation odor?

One of the major complaints against the hog industry today is the issue of odor. Treating concrete with Concrete Remedy can effectively reduce odors which come from bacterial growth IN concrete.

While Concrete Remedy does not kill or eliminate bacteria.... it DOES eliminate the bacterial breeding ground provided when urine and excrement soak INTO the concrete. By filling the voids and canals in concrete, Concrete Remedy eliminates bacterial growth IN the concrete. In addition to removing the breeding ground for bacterial growth, Concrete Remedy's permanent seal of concrete, makes cleaning incredibly easier and quicker...saving time, money and contributes to lowering odors resulting from bacterial growth.

Consider the following...
  • Needing to replace penning, feeders or any component which has steel or concrete adds higher costs to the owner.
  • New buildings that are constructed must meet standards and using Concrete Remedy, PetraWood, and Concrete Remedy Top Seal would significantly prolong the life of the materials put into the building.
  • We also have to remember operator efficiency. Cutting corners will involve more labor costs in cleaning which can take more time if the substrate is not treated right at the time of construction. Our products can also be applied to an existing facility with great results.
  • We oversee quality at every level. Concrete Remedy, PetraWood, and Top Seal will give the customer incredible results.

So remember when you're building or renovating a hog or dairy barn, be sure to factor in these issues and you could end up saving yourself a lot of headaches in the future.

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